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September 10, 2008


I escaped every summer when I was young, I stayed w/ my grand-mom & grand-daddy and I had my mom’s cousin I stayed w/ too. Those few weeks in the summer gave me a chance to not think about what he did to me and just be a kid. Looking back I am glad I […]

To Forgive Sounds Good But….

August 29, 2008


To forgive sounds good but I am not sure I could…these words are playing in my ears right now. The Dixie Chicks song, Not Ready To Make Nice is a song that speaks volumes about my situation. I was sexually abused from 6 y/o to 9/10 y/o. He started by exposing himself, the first time […]

Stolen Potential

August 29, 2008


He stole every ounce of potential from me. He stole my self worth. He stole my sense of security. In essence he killed me. He made me feel as though I am not worthy of anything. He caused such pain and hardship in mine and mom’s relationship, all so that he could molest me. I […]


May 16, 2007


We all have emotional scars that serve as a reminder of past hurts. These scars are suppose to remind us feelings and experiences that we don’t want to encounter again. Mine only serve to remind me of a childhood broken and scary. I have only just started to confront the scars of my past. I […]

Fitting In

May 6, 2007


As I write this I am on the verge of tears.  All my life I have wanted to fit in whether that be in Church or at school.  As a young girl church should’ve been a refuge yet it was a place of contention for me.  I went because my family went yet I felt […]


May 5, 2007


It isn’t a matter of forgiving the abuse that was done it is in coming to terms with what the abuse has done to me.   Three years ago when I made it known to the rest of my family (I told my mom at 17/18, I’ll go into her refusal to confront the issue later) […]

Such a pretty girl…

March 8, 2007


….or so I thought.  I grew up in a “whole” family with a mom and a step-dad.  From the outside looking in it was a “normal” family.  From the inside out it was a whole other ball game.  I was molested from age 6-9 yrs of age.  Verbally abused all my life until I left home and […]