I’m Addicted!

Posted on May 29, 2007


It’s been a while since my last post.  So much going through my brain so little time to post.  I am involved in a new hobby, I am knitting!  I have wanted to try for a while now.  I tried about a year ago with a knitting kit, it was no use the DVD didn’t even help I just couldn’t get it!  A few weeks ago I picked up a book that came w a couple needles and various essentials (yarn sold seperately!) and for some reason it just clicked, I took that weekend to just practice, practice, practice.  By the end of the weekend I had the cast on and knit stitch down.  It took a little longer to purl (I was hesitant b/c it seemed akward to me) I have the purl down and am in the process of freestyling a scarf (WIP, k,p, repeat– every few rows I get creative and k2, p2, or k5, p3) I don’t care if it looks lopsided or confusing, I like the handmade look of it! I have also added embellishment pom-poms (that I made!) to hide any boo-boos…handmade look is one thing, but its gotta be somewhat presentable.  I started out by choosing colors that I knew a friend would like since they are her alma mater colors (Scarlet & Grey – GO Bucks!) But I have concluded that the scarf will be mine! I can’t part w/ my first piece. I gotta keep to be able to see my progress.  I am already thinking ahead to what will be my next knitting adventure…booties for bro and SIL’s baby to be or maybe a cute purse for my niece, I picked up some fun pink novelty yarn that she would just love!  Knitting is so much fun, I am finding that I have a hard time stopping once I get started.  I’d rather knit then eat or sleep! Knitting is definitely a de-stresser, I can pick up the knitting and just be w/ my thoughts.  My brain seems so much clearer when I knit! I should’ve started a long time ago!

Any way gotta get back to what pays the bills and keeps me in yarn (the stash is growing ~ yarn sales!)

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