Posted on May 5, 2007


It isn’t a matter of forgiving the abuse that was done it is in coming to terms with what the abuse has done to me.   Three years ago when I made it known to the rest of my family (I told my mom at 17/18, I’ll go into her refusal to confront the issue later) After I made it known to others I was in awe at the response.  Here I thought my family would rally around me and I got the cold shoulder from a few members.  I have a support system of some of my family and definetly friends and aqaintances.  However, the few that expected to rally for me has opted to remain connected to the person that abused me.  Their alliance to this person is a betrayal to me. It dimenishes what was done.  I feel their judgemental eyes on me as being a bad christian because I can’t “forgive and forget” what was done like they can.  I don’t know what hurts more the abuse or the betrayal of my own family. 

What am I to do? 

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