Genuine Love

Posted on March 8, 2007


Genuine love isn’t trinkets and baubles.

It isn’t periodic visits;

 or a quick hello.

It isn’t a distant voice calling from afar.

It isn’t hearing about you second hand.

It isn’t a brief encounter.

Genuine love is real;

 it is knowing the one’s you hold dear are there for you.

It is an art perfected over time.

It is a gift you give from your soul.

It is being there to give her a warm embrace;

 when the world is judging.

It is the way you hold her;

 that let’s her know that she is in your heart.

It is understaning when other’s refuse to listen.

Genuine love is not letting others rule how you feel;

 so that it keeps you from knowing the love she’s trying to give.

(c) Lanna Carpenter

Posted in: Poetry